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Jenergy Matters Ltd is C-NRPP Certified for both Radon Testing and Radon Mitigations. We are insured for liability, Errors and Omissions, Workers Compensation Board (WCB) and provide free quotes and written contracts for your protection.

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What is it Radon?

Radon is a radioactive gas that cannot be seen, smelled or tasted. It develops from the decay of uranium to radium and thereafter to Radon which is…


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All our test equipment comes from recognized labs and manufacturers that specialize in Radon measurement and supplies.



All homes should be tested for a minimum of 3 months during the heating season (October – April). The cost will vary between $45 and $195.

New Builds

The Alberta Building Code now requires all new construction to have a Radon rough-in. Our experience with several builders indicates these are being done incorrectly…


A radon test should be conducted prior to and following any basement renovation or changes to your furnace, or HVAC system.


If a high Radon level is discovered through testing, the problem can be solved easily and relatively cheaply.

Our Services:

  • Testing –homes and day cares in residences (required for licensing or renewals)
  • Real Estate – presale testing, post-sale testing, fixed price mitigations
  • Free Contractor advisory& design prior to renovation work
  • Free Pre-build design and advisory for new construction builders
  • New Builds Rough-in design and installation
  • Testing and diagnostics for installed rough ins (post occupancy)
  • Inspections of installed or roughed-in systems (pre-occupancy)
  • Mitigations of homes with high radon levels”

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